Blaker & Blaker Chiropractic

A Family Tradition since 1933

Services Rendered

  • Directional Non-Force Technique DNFT Chiropractic adjustments
  • Neuroemotional Technique NET
  • Cold laser (low level light therapy)
  • Nutritional consultation and support
  • Performance and Postural exercise consultation
  • Graston Technique
  • Immunosupportive therapy for tick born conditions
  • Sunshine Viral Technique
  • Sunshine Allergy/Hypersensitivity Technique
  • Addictions treatment
  • Stress Management
  • Body Detox

DNFT is a very specific, low amplitude, gentle adjusting technique that our office has successfully used since 1970.  Drs. Oliver and Keen Blaker have modified the style from the original teachings to improve the efficiency and effectiveness.  Dr. Chad has continued to modify this technique advancing to make this even more effective.  

NET is the most researched technique in the field of chiropractic today.  It addresses the four components of problems; structural, emotional, toxicity, and biochemical effectively targeting the source of many types of problems from the physical to the emotional.


Cold laser therapy is among the most advanced treatments for repair of bone, muscle, nerve, tendon, joint cartilage, skin, and some organ tissue.  The therapy has been used in Europe for several decades with many studies confirming the effectiveness.  Sometimes called low level light therapy is increasingly being used for pain relief, sports related injuries, after surgeries, and degenerative conditions such as arthritis.


Nutrition is the dietary lifestyle supplying building blocks for the body.  It is essential to supply what the body needs in order to rebuild for attaining and maintaining strong mental, physical, and spiritual function.  What may be good for someone may not be for another; therefore, a consultation is to help navigate the needs by a comprehensive history and functional physiological exam.  Following the recommendations and support are giving with regular follow up appoints to course correct, as one goes, to maximize the performance.

A healthy body starts with a healthy nervous system.  Good posture and healthy joint function are essential to maintain a free flowing energetic body.  By addressing the static and mobile musculo-skeletal systems it optimizes this potential.  Exercises and stretches specific to the individuals needs with help the individual accomplish the goals determined by an evaluation.


Graston Technique is a soft tissue technique that works to mobilize chronic and acute injuries including surgeries, scar tissues, repetitive use, and sports related injuries.  Dr. Chad as the highest level certification, M-3, demonstrating both his commitment and his ability to best serve the patient.  This is often an adjunctive therapy used in conjunction with laser therapy.

Homeopathy has long been used to support the body with both acute and chronic conditions.  Advances in technology allows the combination of polarized light and homeopathic remedies to be combined in a way hat supports the immune system for many conditions including the tick born varieties.

Sunshine viral technique is a neurologic approach developed over many years of practice and experience that has the ability to help with pain, muscle spasm, loss of range of motion, and inflammation.  Some examples are rheumatoid arthritis, reflex sympathetic dystrophy, tordicollis, fibromyalgia, gout, cod and flu viruses.

Sunshine allergy/hypersensitivity technique has demonstrated to change the blood chemistry such that individuals with severe reactions including anaphalaxis are no longer in need of outside assistance.  Seasonal and other environmental sensitivities can  be addressed as well.

Having attained the level of study to Diplomate, Dr. Chad is a certified addictionologist designed by the American College of Ad dictions and Compulsive Disorders.  He offers an effective, drugless approach to breaking addictions with proven success by the courts of Miami, Florida.


Stress is something that can be positive or negative.  Identifying and understanding the origins and possible solutions of negative stressors is essential to health years of life.


Offering many detox programs to fit any lifestyle is a service that helps to rid the body of chemicals that cause disease and premature aging.  More energy, better mental performance, improved sleep, and weight loss are all benefits individuals get with each program.









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